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This is a place to find details of your local clubs and groups, and places on the web where people gather to discuss such things. If you would like to see details of your forum, club or group here, please email us or post on the forums

Dragon Slayers TM

A new Roleplay and gaming group based in South London. We play a wide variety of games; from cthulu to buffy, from star wars to scion and we're open to any other games people would like to bring and either play or GM.

If you're interested in finding a regular gaming event and meeting like minded people who share your hobby please feel free to contact us.

Denmark hill train station is only 3 minutes walk away, and has good links will most major train stations in London. Parking is easy and bountiful at the pubs car park. Everyone with a slight curiosity in to a great passion for RPG's is welcome.

If you're up for it or would like to know more, join the yahoo group and/or send us a message.

Finchley Games Club : North London

Finchley Games Club - What Thursday evenings were invented for! We meet every Thursday evening from 6.45pm to 10.45pm at Old Finchleians Sports Club .

You're sure to find a game to suit you - board games, role-playing, collectible card games, table-top miniatures. Take a look at our website ( for more details. Your first visit is free, so there's no excuse not to come along!

We look forward to seeing you!

London Board Games Club

This is a place to play board games like Imperial, Railroad Tycoon, Antike, Fury Of Dracula, Apocalypse (LBGC Houserules), RoboRally, Shogun, Carcassonne, Kingmaker, Republic of Rome, Settlers of Catan, Cosmic Encounter, Werewolf, Torres, Puerto Rico, Armada, Kremlin, Formula De, and so on. Plus inventing games and playtesting each other's game ideas. The venue is in Ealing, West London (UK). Meetings about every second or third Sunday. We start at 2.30 and finish around 7.30. Interested? Email bobroscow at a address. I'm sure you can work that out. It's to avoid spammers.

Phoenix Games Club

The Phoenix Games Club are a friendly bunch of gamers who get together every Thursday evening at the Black Lion Pub in Plaistow. Whether you are into Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Comedy or just Card and Board Games; the chances are that one of our many members will be either playing or running it, so you can just turn up on the evening and join in the fun!

So feel free to pop along and join us on a Thursday evening, whether you are looking to play or just to have a chat. Our Committee members will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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UK Roleplayers

A great site for all UK roleplayers